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Members Only Resource Center

At this time while our password protected database is in the planning/construction phase CTR will make all of the following articles available to members only, upon request. Articles will be sent via PDF file format. Please email Allow up to 24 hours for report to be sent.

  1. List of CTR members and contacts.
  2. Municipal Textile Recycling Flyers: includes a list of generally accepted textiles for municipalities. SMART & CTR
  3. Life Cycle of Secondhand Clothing – Diagram SMART
  4. CTR: Intro to Reuse & Recycling for Brands & Retailers Parts I & II.
    A presentation and overview of the secondhand industry, including the recycling supply chain and pctw recycling facilities. Includes stats on scale and size of secondhand industry.
  5. CTR: Intro to Reuse & Recycling for Brands & Retailers Part III.
    A comparison of service providers available for EOL. Includes a few examples of retail and brand EOL programs. In addition an overview of EU and France.
  6. CTR: Intro to Reuse & Recycling for Municipalities. (Coming mid/late March 2012)