Advocating Change

Reasons to join CTR:

  • Advocate generic End-of-Life (EOL) options to consumers
  • Access to 'best in class' EOL Resources
  • CTR is the nonprofit nexus for all EOL stakeholders, providing the most comprehensive info, data and solution platform
  • #1 goal to implement National PSA campaign: WEAR. DONATE. RECYCLE.
  • Simple instructions that benefit every brand and retailer regardless of their approach
  • Potential to utilize the CTR logo
  • Access to solution providers for any EOL program: charities and private sector recyclers.

Brands and retailers that support the Council for Textile Recycling are among the leading green brands when it comes to End-of-Life (EOL) green initiatives. These companies are leading the way by taking an active role in helping to increase awareness of donation and recycling of post-consumer textile waste (PCTW).

Whether brands and retailers support closed/open loop recycling, donation, or private sector recycling, companies should always promote EOL options to consumers for their unwanted clothing, footwear, accessories, and household textiles to reduce the amount of PCTW going to our landfills.

"Ultimately society is going to hold you accountable for whether or not you participated appropriately in the role you played in advancing this area of environmentally sustainability"

H. Lee Scott Jr. CEO, Wal-Mart Stores - panel discussion comments on general corporate responsibility to environment. 2008 Wall Street Journal: ECO-nomics conference.


CTR offers 'best in class real' EOL resources and solutions to EOL issues. CTR is the only organization whose main concern is EOL and stakeholders include all aspects of the solution. Brands and Retailers can interact with an entire community of solution providers including charities, private sector recyclers, and academics.


Ways that brands and retailers can support "WEAR. DONATE. RECYCLE." and implement and effective EOL initiative

Support a National Public Service Announcement

Companies interested in leading on green initiatives and working to establish this growing movement should consider providing financial support to help the CTR reach its goal of implementing a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign that will advise consumers to "WEAR. DONATE. RECYCLE." In addition to raising public awareness about a meaningful opportunity for recycling, supporting a national PSA will strengthen your company's EOL initiatives and reinforce to consumers and other important stakeholders your company's environmental position. All EOL initiatives will tie directly to our generic message which positively enhances the position of all stakeholders regardless of the direction your EOL program. As a member you will have the opportunity to utilize the CTR logo.

Include EOL Language on Packaging & Product Labels

Consumer-facing language on packaging and product care labels describing EOL options will play a key part in achieving the CTR's goal of Zero Textile Waste by 2037. CTR advocates that every garment, pair of footwear, accessory and home textile manufactured and sold includes EOL options and instructions for consumers.

More than Just a Green Movement: Join the CTR

Current CTR members are a diverse representation of all aspects of the donation and recycling chain, including charities and companies whose primary business is that of recycling PCTW. Companies that join CTR will have access to a database of end users and service providers that will help build and expand networks, better achieve waste diversion, recycling and other "green" goals.

Join the preeminent organization working to decrease post-consumer textile waste in our landfills today!


Advocating Change

Reasons to join CTR:

  • Joining CTR is absolutely FREE to government recycling organizations
  • Divert post-consumer textile waste from your municipal landfills
  • Potential to increase recycling revenue
  • Access to database and CTR Resource Center.

Today more governments recognize that recycling textile waste is the low-hanging fruit to achieve broader "zero waste" goals, as well as a tremendous opportunity to increase recycling revenues, jobs creation and other economic prospects. A number of forward-thinking municipalities like New York, NY; Greenwich, CT, Montgomery County, MD; and Clifton, NJ have already implemented post-consumer textile recycling programs. A continuing number of other municipalities are considering textile recycling to easily and affordably reduce the amount of waste they are sending to landfills.

What Your State/County/City/Town Can Do:

  • States should include textile recycling in their state recycling plan
  • Municipalities should implement textile recycling. Residents should be encouraged to "Donate or Recycle", and explore recycling program opportunities including accepting textiles at drop-off sites and partnering with charities and private sector recyclers
  • Join the CTR: Joining the CTR will provide you with a useful message and marketing plan and will align your municipality with the sole nonprofit devoted to raising awareness about textile recycling.

Read the facts about PCTW and how you may divert up to 5% of all municipal solid waste from your landfill.