What the Council for Textile Recycling means to our community

consumer iconGreen Consumers joining CTR helps to recycle more post consumer textile waste (PCTW), increases charitable donations, diverts more textiles, and creates greener communities.

brands and retailers iconBrands & Retailers supporting CTR are among the greenest apparel, footwear, textile and accessory brands and retailers. Regardless of their preferred green initiative, CTR's 'Wear – Donate- Recycle program ties into all EOL (end of life) programs. Our goal of launching a national PSA will support your initiatives and bring attention to your green efforts. CTR's message ensures the flow of materials to all stakeholders regardless of whether they currently offer a closed loop, donation, or recycle program.

brands and retailers iconGovernment or nonprofit recycling organizations that have implemented a textile recycling program and/or utilize CTR's message are leaders in the field of recycling. These government and recycling-centric nonprofits have access to our list of end users and may tie into and utilize CTR's message to promote and market textile recycling in the most generic manner. "Wear -Donate – Recycle" insures your municipality is marketing their post consumer textile recycling program in order to divert the largest volume of PCTW from your landfill.

charities iconCharities strategically supporting the only nationwide 501C-3 bringing attention to their charitable endeavors to collect donated used clothing via our generic message of "Wear – Donate – Recycle" are proactively supporting and marketing their primary means of fund raising. Our Charitable members are part of our database of end users that is searchable by Brands and Retailers interested in finding end users. In addition, a list of clothing recyclers in the business of buying your salvage is available. It is the goal of CTR to bring attention to the role charities play in collecting PCTW in the USA. CTR will include the charitable sector on our board of directors at all times.

private sector recyclers iconRecyclers: Clothing, Fiber, Wipers: The industry's leading private sector companies are CTR members and supporters. CTR member companies have a recycling footprint that recycles hundreds of millions of pounds of PCTW each year. These green companies are leaders who realize the necessity of increasing awareness about textile recycling and plainly see the benefits to our environment and members of our industry.

Post Consumer Textile Recycling is one of the oldest, most efficient recycling industries in existence. Clothing recyclers add tremendous value through the labor intensive sorting, separating, and recycling of secondhand clothing into 3 main categories: fibers, reclaimed wipers and used clothing. Read more in our resource center.

academics iconAcademics: Leading academics in the field support the Council for Textile Recycling. CTR seeks to increase textile recycling efforts and encourage development for new uses, products, and markets for recycled textile products. CTR can serve as an educational partner for students conducting research in the area of textile recycling. Sharing information among academics, industry, and textile recycling professionals will be another value of membership in CTR.