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How you can help CTR:

  • Support the CTR.

When your clothing, footwear, household textiles, and accessories are out of style, worn, torn, stained, or just no longer useful, donate or recycle them. It's really that easy.

Donate - Reputable charities like the Society for Saint Vincent DePaul and Goodwill Industries accept and sell donated clothing to help fund their activities and achieve their charitable missions. Approximately 2 out of every 10 lbs. of donated clothing are sold in charitable shops, the remaining 8 lbs. is purchased and salvaged by private sector recyclers. These efforts converge, creating a much needed source of revenue for nonprofits and continuing the 200+ year-old sustainable practice of recycling secondhand clothing.

The CTR recommends that consumers research the charities they are considering donating to. Donate your clothing to reputable charities. Web sites such as and can provide information about charities.

Recycle - A number of forward-thinking municipalities like New York, NY; Greenwich, CT, Montgomery County, MD; and Clifton, NJ have already implemented post-consumer textile recycling programs while a growing number of others are considering doing so; to easily and affordably reduce the amount of waste these communities are sending to landfills. Today an increasing number of municipalities are implementing municipal textile recycling as an alternative to the landfill. Check with your local municipality to find out if they offer textile recycling.

Meanwhile, forward-thinking clothing and footwear retailers and brands are advocating donation and/or recycling options to consumers. An increasing number are making donation / recycling of the apparel and footwear they sell an important piece of their green initiatives. Some green brands are providing sewn-in labels with reuse and recycling instructions and in-store receptacles to recycle used clothing and footwear. Familiar names such as Patagonia, GAP, and Levis are all great examples of brands leading the way.

Click here to learn what happens to your clothing or footwear after it is donated.

When you support the CTR your donation will go towards our goal of keeping what we wear out of landfills and help get us closer to zero textile waste by 2037. WEAR. DONATE. RECYCLE. Every dollar donated has the potential to keep another pound of PCTW out of our solid waste stream.