The Council for Textile Recycling (CTR) is the leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising public awareness about the importance of keeping what we wear out of our nation's landfills. To join us, use the link below your membership type to open the membership application (PDF). Fill it out and send back to us via email to, fax, or mail, as per the instructions on the form.

Consumers & Students

  • Green consumers and students can make a tax-deductible donation to the nation's only 501(c)(3) devoted to creating awareness about keeping our clothing, footwear, and household textiles out of our landfills.
  • Receive our bi-annual newsletter.
  • Support ZERO PCTW by 2037. Wear. Donate. Recycle.

Minimum contribution of $25.00 USD.

Private Sector Recyclers, Brands & Retailers

  • Member-only access to a supplier database of charities, municipalities, brands and retailers.
  • Increased visibility from suppliers of PCTW.
  • Be a part of CTR's goal of establishing a national PSA to "WEAR. DONATE. RECYCLE." thus ensuring the flow of recycled materials to all stakeholders.

Brands & Retailers

  • Exclusive access to 'best in class' EOL resources and the most comprehensive database of solution providers regardless of your EOL program's directive.
  • Tie into most generic EOL message with national PSA appeal: Wear. Donate. Recycle.
Annual Revenue Suggested Donation
Under 1 million $500
1-10 million $1,000
10-40 million $2,500
40-100 million $3,300
100-500 million $6,600
500 million - 1 billion $10,000
Over 1 billion Contact CTR


Please note: Private sector companies or subsidiary companies which are related to a charitable organization that do NOT meet the CTR criteria for charitable organization membership may also be prohibited from joining CTR. See Below.

Municipalities and Academics

  • Join absolutely free.
  • Municipalities interested in diverting 5% of their MSW and implementing a post-consumer textile waste recycling program will find information and markets in our best of class resources and national database of end users.
  • Academics looking to further contacts will have access to and be part of our database accessed by: charities, government, and private sector. CTR will support research of new recycling methodologies and products pertaining to post-consumer textile waste.


  • Join absolutely free.
  • Charities will immediately benefit from increased exposure to brands, retailers, and clothing recyclers and support our goal of launching a national PSA supporting your clothing collection efforts.

To be considered for membership in CTR, Charities or their affiliates must fill out the CTR application and answer all questions. Charities must also meet one of the two below criteria, as a means of third-party independent review of your charity:

  1. Charitable Organizations (501(c)(3)) or that organization's non profit charitable affiliates MUST have a Charity Navigator rating of 3 stars or higher.;
  2. Charitable Organizations (501(c)(3)) or that organization's non profit charitable affiliates MUST have a B or better rating and no negative commentary by American Institute of Philanthropy/Charity Watch.

CTR will verify criteria and may deny membership for any charitable organization not meeting the above criteria. In addition, private sector companies or subsidiary companies, which are related to a charitable organization that do NOT meet the above criteria may also be prohibited from joining CTR.


Nonprofit Recycling Organizations

  • These government and recycling-centric nonprofits have access to our list of end users and may tie into and utilize CTR's message to promote and market textile recycling in the most generic manner.
  • "Wear. Donate. Recycle." insures your municipality is marketing their post-consumer textile recycling program in order to divert the largest volume of PCTW from your landfill.

Contact CTR for information on membership and contribution cost.

Click here to download a printable application form.