End Users and Solution Providers

Reasons to join CTR:

  • Membership FREE to charities with a non profit tax ID
  • Increase awareness
  • Increase visibility
  • #1 goal: creating a National PSA that complements your fund raising.

Charities supporting the Council for Textile Recycling are increasing awareness about the most important stream of revenue for nonprofits that collect and sell donated secondhand apparel and footwear. The CTR's goal of launching a national PSA and public relations campaign will advocate for donation, thereby adding to your charity's revenue and complementing your charity's efforts.

Charities can join CTR for free, so join now!

Listing in our directory will give your nonprofit organization a presence and exposure as consumers, brands, and retailers search for charities to which they may donate their unwanted apparel and footwear.



Clothing, Fiber, Wiper Recyclers: End Users and Solution Providers

Reasons to join CTR:

  • CTR - the only group working on the macro issues that affect your company and industry
  • #1 goal: implementing a National PSA to increase awareness among consumers
  • Increase visibility to suppliers of PCTW: charities, municipalities, and apparel and footwear companies.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 85% of post consumer textile waste (PCTW) ends up in landfills or some 21 billion lbs each year. Meanwhile, economic pressures, global supply chain challenges, diminishing natural resources and public demand for "green" are making textile recycling an imperative.

Companies interested in leading on green initiatives and working to establish this growing movement should consider providing financial support to help the CTR reach its goal of implementing a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign that will advise consumers to "WEAR. DONATE. RECYCLE."

By joining the CTR, you'll be supporting the ONLY nonprofit devoted to increasing awareness about textile recycling, and working to impact the flow of recycled materials to all stakeholders in the clothing, fiber and wiper recycling industries. In addition, your support will ensure your inclusion in a database of end users utilized by retailers, brands, municipalities and others searching for solution providers.

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Solution Providers

If your academic field is Textiles, Fashion Design, Retailing, Sustainability or Recycling, supporting CTR will provide the groundwork for future academic research in your area of interest. CTR further serves as a partner to academics for consumer outreach.

The CTR is a reliable, objective resource for students and educational professionals interested in post-consumer textile waste. Academics looking to further contacts will have access to and be part of our database accessed by: charities, government, and private sector. Lastly our strategic plan includes supporting research of new recycling methodologies and products pertaining to post-consumer textile waste. Acedemics interested in joining the CTR may do so now absolutely FREE.